On Friday, August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey struck Texas Gulf Coast. From Victoria to Houston, the storm dropped trillions of gallons of water and left an unprecedented amount of damage. Schools, homes, places of worship and businesses were heavily impacted. Roads were impassable and our way of life has never been the same. Many residents were evacuated with their most precious belongings and placed in local shelters. In response to this unprecedented natural disaster, the East Harris County Recovery Project was established to help our neighbors recover. While the rain and water has subsides, the experience of Hurricane Harvey will linger for years. We ask you to partner with us to meet the immediate and long term needs of our neighbors.

In September 2018, the American Red Cross awarded East Harris County Empowerment Council the largest grant in the history of the organization. This grant will allow us to ensure that East Harris County recovers equitably. The goal of this project is to support families as they rebuild their homes and their lives, along with building a resiliency plan for the unincorporated East Harris County.

We have partnered with multiple organizations, such as Red Cross, Catholic Charities, All Hands & Hearts, CTab Relief ( Inspire Relief ), Commissioner Adrian Garcia’s office,  Project Harris Recovers and more to assist those affected by Hurricane Harvey.  Through our partnerships with other organizations, we have been able to bring much needed resources to neighbors affected by Hurricane Harvey.

The organization has participated in & organized 14 outreach events, in the communities we serve, that were devastated by Hurricane Harvey. We’ve also been able to engage & collaborate by hosting Stakeholder engagement meetings to coordinate resources & relationships.  Our attendance at meetings such as VOAD, Harris County Long Term Recovery Group, Congresswoman’s Sylvia Garcia’s  Neighborhood Safety & Improvement Meetings, and the grassroots efforts of the Congregational Disaster Readiness for North Channel has also positioned the organization to be on the forefront of community engagement and potential sufficiency.

Harvey Recovery Tour

The Harvey Recovery tour is a one-stop destination to get direct resources and services. Available services include: home repair, disaster case management, health care services, financial assistance, legal assistance, etc.  We invite neighbors affected by Hurricane Harvey to join us.